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What's for Breakfast ebook

What's for Breakfast Cover
$5.00 each

By Didier Cuzange and Dr. Liliane Papin

If the good old American breakfast does not work for you anymore, if you want to change but do not know where to start, would like a healthy vegan breakfast but feel at a loss as to what that would look like or could possibly entail, What's for breakfast? is the best place to kick your day on your way to a healthier, compassionate and fun way to eat!


Easy to follow recipes, plenty of creative and fun variations to keep your morning fresh, alive and nourishing. Healthy never has to be boring!


What's for breakfast might just be what you need for never turning back! Didier created the recipes, Liliane gave the info on health and medicinal aspects of foods!. A winning combination!


Bon Appetit!

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