Complete Health Assessment

What can I expect during a health assessment?

complete health assessment 2In your consultation you will get a thorough assessment of your present health condition using the traditional tools of pulse, tongue, palpation and facial diagnosis as well as the more modern tools of blood pressure cuff or glucometer! This reading will help us create a “map” of your present and past health challenges.and provide you with a solid framework and profound insights into their physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. You will quickly notice that, with the reading of Oriental medicine tools, your symptoms fall into significant “clusters”that can be very empowering once we know how to read them.

You will leave with specific, practical protocols and recommendations as well as a better understanding of your “body map”. Some of our tools will include:

  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations.
  • External remedies, oils, compresses, colonics, enemas or massage.
  • Herbs, supplements and formulas for prevention, healing and seasonal maintenance of health
  • Recommendation of specific acupressure points and self-massage
  • Auricular acupuncture for addiction release
  • Practices to best support your emotional, mental and spiritual journey


Whether you are new or well on your way on the spiritual path of health,the goal of this consultation is to assist you with a practical blueprint toward healing and, mostly, toward the concept of “vibrant health” that goes well beyond the mere absence of symptoms. You will see the profound link between body, mind and spirit, and feel literally re-connected and empowered to move forward.


Those health assessments can be done through phone or Skype consultations. I will then ask you to send me an intake beforehand. While, obviously, pulse and tongue diagnosis are difficult long distance (although I may ask you to look at your tongue and describe it for me, or check the rhythm of your pulse), there is much that can be done through a thorough intake and reading of symptoms since their “clusters” never fail to speak loudly!

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