East West Holistic Medicine

Meeting of past and present!

We live at a unique time in history with access to resources from all over the world, from the past as well as from present research and technology. Such is the basis of East West Holistic medicine: the best from ancient Oriental medicine enhanced by the best of today’s tools.

Today’s medicine is without frontiers!

The East West approach

Here are a few East West combinations you will benefit from when coming to our clinic (currently offering online consultations only):

  • Traditional acupuncture with micro current technology: I use either one or both. An option for those interested in acupuncture but afraid of needles
  • Acupuncture, acupressure and essential oils: modern methods of extraction gave us splendid essential oils to use on acupuncture points. Sometimes I even dip needles in an essential oil before inserting them!
  • Herbal therapy past and present: Oriental medicine gives us a chest of effective remedies over 2000 years old. Today, you can find the same remedies in raw form for the traditional decoction, in powder form to take as a tea, in capsules, in tinctures or in pill form. Treatment can be adapted to our needs like never before.
  • Herbs and supplements: For your heart I might recommend Red Salvia, a traditional herb together with ångstrom magnesium, the latest in liquid supplements for absorption at the cell level. Again, the beautiful marriage of today and yesterday, East and West!
  • Chinese medicine food therapy and modern nutrition: did you know that Chinese medicine recommends celery for hypertension? Our modern juicers enable us to create modern juice or smoothie versions of the ancient soup if we wish! The Oriental medicine knowledge of “cold” or “warm” foods constitutes one more tool to make our present day vegan or raw food practice successful.
  • Qi Gong, self massage, home remedies and essential oils: another powerful combination of East and West, ancient and modern.


The meaning of a holistic approach

Our modern medicine is wonderful for acute situations requiring urgent interventions. I certainly would not turn to herbs if I had a car accident! However, our modern chronic conditions are best addressed by a variety of approaches, which is the meaning of holistic. Medications and their side effects are most often ill suited long term. Regular use of NSAIDS and Ibuprofen for example damage our liver and stomach in the long term. If you come for arthritic pain, while I trust that acupuncture or micro current therapy will relieve your knee, hip or elbow pain, I might also recommend that you explore what in your diet or lifestyle might be contributing to an overall acidic condition. I might also recommend Qi gong exercises and self-massage

If you suffer from chronic headaches, I will give you a treatment to relieve the immediate pain and will help you understand your particular pattern: frontal headaches are usually associated with stomach problems, side headaches to gallbladder or liver issues. I will recommend helpful herbal remedies but we will also look with you at possible triggers. Are fatty foods engorging your gallbladder? is sugar disrupting your hormonal balance? are you getting enough sleep ? are you in a constant state of dehydration? that is the meaning of holistic


Emotional Health

All acupuncture points are linked to the emotional aspects of our physical ailments. Anger, irritability, fear, worry or sadness all weaken our bodies in specific ways. The location of our ailments is an indication of its emotional nature. Lower back pain might be related to financial worries or issues of safety in the world while throat or thyroid issues might be related to issues of self expression.


Prevention is the best medicine; Education the key

Did you know that acupuncture, acupressure, essential oils and herbs are your best allies to beat the “flu season” and strengthen your immune system? they also reinforce your digestion, replenish your reserves before or after a trip or after a particularly difficult or stressful time.

Education is therefore part of the mission of East West Holistic Medicine. I offer a variety of lectures, DVD’s, e-books and online courses and resources to ensure that people have access to that education. Make you sure you sign up for our newsletter and check the material available through this website.


Starting with a relaxing treatment!

Lifestyle, stress and diet are the major causes of disease. No pill will ever take care of that. So, at East West Holistic medicine, we make sure that people are comfortable right from the beginning. We play soft music, help people relax, using oils, foot massage, making sure that people are warm, relaxed and cozy in their relaxing chair.

Unknown to many people, acupuncture and acupressure provide some of the deepest states of relaxation possible since we are directly working with the electrical wiring of the body. The most common comment we hear ?“ Waooow! I had no idea how relaxing this could be” !

Through deep relaxation, people get insight into their own level of stress and emotional state.


Empowerment and Team work

My goal is, one and foremost, to empower people to walk in the direction of what the ancient Taoist masters described as “radiant health” which goes way beyond the mere absence of symptoms.

Because I believe in empowering people, I discuss modalities of treatment and strive to offer a path of healing that reflects both my patients’ needs and our cooperation.

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