Meet Dr. Liliane Papin,Lic. Ac., D.O.M, Ph.D 

An Interview with Shawngela Pierce


To start with…what does “East West Holistic medicine” mean?

Dr. Liliane PapinThe East-West connection represents a big part of my interests and studies. I am French, living in the States and lived in Japan for 6 years, studying Buddhism, making many trips to China to study Qi Gong. That’s the beginning of the East West connection! I really see myself as a citizen of the world and the medicine I like to practice is a bridge between different cultures, between East and West. Voilà…

I also think we are at a very exciting and unique point in history where our modern technology actually validates the ancient models of medicine such as Chinese Medicine. Microscopic imaging for example does reveal the “wood nature” of our nails and our modern knowledge of liver functions validates its Tree nature in Chinese medicine, as you can see in the pictures.This double East West aspect is also relevant to my practice.I use microcurrent technology together with or instead of needles for people who are scared of needles. This technology, combined with the meridian principles and understanding of Chinese medicine, is a great tool and gives fantastic results.

Western tests are great to see where there are deficiencies in minerals or vitamins. I certainly do not reject those tests, on the contrary. However, I think that, linking them to traditional tools of assessment such as pulse or tongue diagnosis, you get more accurate pictures. The Chinese medicine model helps determine for example, that if there is a vitamin D deficiency, you also need to look at liver functions. Otherwise, you get people diagnosed with low vitamin D levels even though they spend hours in the sun or take supplements. If their liver is not functioning properly, if the “Tree” photosynthesis is blocked, no amount of supplement will remedy the situation.


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