Vaccinated vs unvaccinated : let’s not aim at the wrong target



Vaccinated vs unvaccinated : let’s not aim at the wrong target

Happy New Year to you all ! Best wishes for peace and health !


This is a time when families and communities are  fractured. Yet, we certainly should be well aware by now of the saying “divide and conquer” since this is a strategy as old as the world. No collective clarity ever comes from division. War, conflict, viciousness, resentment and hatred are always the same sad results; an urgent first step for all of us therefore: to listen and, with respect, establish what we have in common before getting to our differences.

Here are some important points concerning the current situation of division between «vaccinated» and «unvaccinated», sadly reductive words, a division that, unfortunately, is actively being fanned by media and political institutions

What we need to see : the same fears lie behind seemingly opposite choices

Atelier Bûche de Noël Festive & Santé 4 décembre 2021

Venez bûcher avec nous ! Au programme : bûche de Noël festive et santé !

Rendez-vous samedi 4 décembre 202 de 10h à 12h en direct de vos cuisines ! 

Pour cette fin d'année, Liliane et Didier vous proposent un atelier cuisine spécial Bûche de Noël, festive et santé !

Ju Hua : marguerite d’automne, fleur de novembre

Ju Hua : marguerite d’automne, fleur de novembre

         Ju Hua : marguerite d’automne, fleur de novembre

Novembre est un mois qui fait souvent peur dans nos régions.

Humidité, froid, approche de plus en plus sensible de l’hiver, brumes et grisailles. Rhumes, toux, maux de gorge, grippes et épisodes épidémiques se font plus virulents. 

Le travail sur le système immunitaire et le Poumon s’impose.

Heureusement, la nature nous donne une magnifique fleur pour réchauffer ce mois un peu tristounet : Ju Hua en chinois, le chrysanthème, « marguerite d’automne », et ses couleurs étonnantes.
Certes, chez nous, le chrysanthème est associé à la Toussaint et à la mort et il ne vous donne pas nécessairement le moral. Quel dommage ! il suffit de le regarder différemment ! En Orient, le chrysanthème porte au contraire un message de beauté et de résilience, lui qui affronte froid et hiver toutes couleurs et pétales ouverts !

Raw Key Lime Pie Recipe - Low Glycemic

Raw Key Lime Pie Recipe - Low Glycemic

KEY LIME PIE (low glycemic, serves 8)

We find limes, here in the South West, that are very similar to the ones you’ll find in Florida but any limes or lemons will do. Just be sure to use real juice if you are going to make this pie, or it will not be the same.



Food processor 8” pie pan mixing bowl blender (you do not have to have a vitamix) spatula and whisk

Waking up at 2am | Ask Dr. Liliane

Waking up at 2am | Ask Dr. Liliane


Why do I often wake up at 2:00 in the morning? Sometimes I can go back to sleep but sometimes I cannot or will stay awake for a long time.


Two o’clock in Chinese medicine is right in the middle of “Liver time” which goes from 1:00 to 3:00 in the morning. I would say 80% insomnia patterns fit into that pattern.

Organ hourly clock:

  • 11:00 PM - 1:00 AM : Gallbladder time
  • 1:00 Am-3: 00 AM: Liver time
  • 3:00AM-5:00 AM : Lung time
  • 5:00 AM to 7:00 AM : Large Intestine time

How to Diagnose and Heal your Liver

Three Treasures Series

Qi, instrument of our health and destiny


Qi can wear many hats, from mundane “air” (you put “Qi” in your flat tires), “function” (the “Qi of the Heart” makes it beat) to”activity”, “strength” or “life” as no qi means death. It also includes modern concepts of “energy” “electricity,” or “electromagnetism”

The main medical role of Qi in our body is “transformation,” metabolic and enzymatic functions being its modern names. Our Lung, Spleen/ pancreas and liver constitute its main “transformers”.

How to Diagnose and Heal your Heart Part 1

Three Treasures series

Shen, radiance of our spirit and flame of our soul

Shen is the most subtle of the three treasures. Often translated as spirit, Shen can also mean soul, mind, character, personality, emotion, charisma, talents or radiance. Shen resides in our Heart and its nature is Fire. Heart health and Shen are therefore closely connected. Interestingly enough Oriental medicine assigns to the Heart many of the functions that we assign to the brain. Concentration for example is a function of our Shen. The separation between mind and heart is of our making!

How to Diagnose and Heal your Kidneys

Three Treasures Series

Jing, source of our longevity and vitality

Oriental medicine lists 3 fundamental treasures essential to human health: Jing, Qi, Shen. “Treasure” means something precious and unique to be cherished and protected, like our. national parks designated “national treasures” to protect them from mindless exploitation. Treasure entails the necessity of conscious care and awareness of irreplaceable value.

Jing is the first of the three treasures, sometimes translated as “kidney essence” but much wider than that. Some other Western terms could include “vital energy,” “DNA,” “constitution,”. “body fluids and lubrication” or “libido.”

What can Acupuncture treat?

Today, in this little blog, let me just tackle the most common question: “what is acupuncture good for?” or another version of it “Can it treat X, Y, Z…?”

In a way, that is like asking “What is medicine good for?” While acupuncture in the West is best known for its pain applications (knee, shoulder, elbow, lower back and all kinds of arthritic pains) its uses cover a much wider scope.

Should you get a flu shot or not

Should you get a flu shot or not

To get a flu shot, or not to get a flu shot . . . this is indeed a loaded question. We live more and more in fear of disease and viruses.

In the end, it is a personal choice, and I do hope that the government or the general state of health lets it be a personal choice.

Free Open House 2015

Open House 2015 Flyer

New Video on Alzheimer's Prevention

The goal of this lecture is to both demystify the process of Alzheimer's and provide practical tools of prevention and intervention. Since science presently holds Alzheimer’s to be irreversible, people dread this disease and feel powerless when facing it. Yet, there is also much research to give us hope. Did you know that Alzheimer's has been termed a “third diabetes” or “diabetes of the brain?” Unlike Alzheimer’s, diabetes is not a mysterious disease and many are those who have reversed it through diet and lifestyle. This is but one piece of the many available to unravel the puzzle of Alzheimer’s

Put together, Chinese medicine and Western knowledge in particular provide a precious combination to get us out of powerlessness and provide both knowledge and very practical applications.

Watch Entire Alzheimer's Video