Online Consultations

online-consultation-300-200One of the wonderful advantages of modern technology is to keep us connected beyond the limitations of time and space and make online consultations a possibility.

Obviously, however advanced our present modern technology is, it does not yet enable us to do pulse diagnosis or acupuncture long distance. Who knows? that might come someday. However, in the meantime we can rely on questioning, an important tool of Chinese diagnosis as well as voice or visual observation diagnosis when Skype is used.

For online consultations I ask you to fill out a thorough health history questionnaire to go over family and personal history as well as current health issues and concerns.

Online consultations are usually used for two main reasons: one is to solve a present problem with the tools of Chinese medicine, relying on food and herbal therapy. This is useful for past patients or for those who might want to order or re-order herbs and do not have access to a local practitioner. Online consultations are not usually appropriate to urgent or acute situations.

The second common use of online consultations is geared toward providing a complete health assessment as well as ongoing support and coaching according to Chinese medicine. The review and advice regarding dietary recommendations and lifestyle support play a big part. 

Please check the information on health assessments to see what a complete health assessment entails.



$90 an hour (usually lasts between 1 or 2 hours)


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