Understanding and Preventing Alzheimers

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The goal of this lecture is to both demystify the process of Alzheimer’s and provide practical tools of prevention and intervention. Since science presently holds Alzheimer’s to be irreversible, people dread this disease and feel powerless when facing it. Yet, there is also much research to give us hope. Did you know that Alzheimer’s has been termed a “third diabetes” or “diabetes of the brain?” Unlike Alzheimer’s, diabetes is not a mysterious disease and many are those who have reversed it through diet and lifestyle. This is but one piece of the many available to unravel the puzzle of Alzheimer’s

Put together, Chinese medicine and Western knowledge in particular provide a precious combination to get us out of powerlessness and provide both knowledge and very practical applications.


What you get

  1. 2 hour Alzheimer's Lecture
  2. Slideshow of Alzheimer's Lecture


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