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Where is the Calcium?

$10.00 each

A booklet that links theoretical understanding and kitchen practices with Dr Liliane and chef Didier!

Dr Liliane and Chef Didier unite their effort to demystify the connection we usually make between calcium and dairy. If dairy was the answer, why has osteoporosis become an epidemic in our modern world in spite of sky rocketing dairy consumption unequaled in our human historical past? Dr Liliane leads us into an exploration of calcium understanding, linking Western knowledge and the tradition of Oriental medicine.

You will also find fun and delicious recipes using sea vegetables, a food greatly underestimated in our Western culinary traditions. Our recent nuclear disasters of Tchernobyl and Fukushima certainly contributed to reminding us of their amazing protective properties against radiation. However, sea vegetables have so much more to offer and can be so delicious if we approach them, like chef Didier, with the free and fun spirit of a child, using them like we would any other vegetable. 

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