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Womens Hormonal Wellness Retreat - September 2017

womens hormonal wellness retreat


Do you experience any of the following?

This retreat is for you!

  • Mood swings or Irritability
  • Hot Flashes
  • Weight Gain
  • Sugar or Salt cravings
  • Night Sweats
  • Loss of Libido
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Hair loss or thinning

Why Chinese Medicine?

Chinese medicine is a complete system of medicine with its own forms of diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and therapies.Chinese Medicine addresses hormonal balancing from a different perspective than traditional allopathic medicine. When we link the best of both worlds, we get a very thorough map for healing. For instance, in Chinese Medicine, hot flashes are considered forms of trapped heat often caused by overactive livers. Western science tells us that the liver regulates sex hormones, estrogen in particular. The map of the chakra, linked to acupressure points, points to the solar plexus and emotional and spiritual issues of personal power.The tools of Chinese Medicine enable us to design a protocol of herbs, acupressure, food therapy, qigong and meditation to balance the organs that are the root of the problem. 

Oriental philosophy offers a medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years and already knew to address all aspects of mind, body and spirit. as a whole. Through the lens of Chinese medicine we can correct imbalances that have caused illness and pain, or even detect and correct imbalances prior to the appearance of symptoms, thus preventing disease.

In her many years of practice and work with patients, Dr. Liliane's has developed unique treatment protocols that use both Eastern and Western knowledge to tackle the issue of hormonal balancing.




9/2/2017 - 9/09/2017






There is a discount for locals in the area who stay off-site. Please contact Dr. Papin for more details.



Patagonia, Arizona at the Tree of Life Center US


Want to register or have more questions?

Please visit the Tree of Life Center's website

Liliane Papin

Dr. Liliane Papin is a licensed Chinese Medicine Doctor who focuses on a holistic approach to health care, blending the ancient art of Oriental medicine with modern science.  Her new ebook, Where is the Calcium? and Spring Cooking | Liver Cleansing are now on sale.

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