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Liver | Diagnose & Heal

Heal your Liver

About Three Treasure Series

Three Treasures Series

Qi, instrument of our health and destiny

Qi can wear many hats, from mundane “air” (you put “Qi” in your flat tires), “function” (the “Qi of the Heart” makes it beat) to”activity”, “strength” or “life” as no qi means death. It also includes modern concepts of “energy” “electricity,” or “electromagnetism”

The main medical role of Qi in our body is “transformation,” metabolic and enzymatic functions being its modern names. Our Lung, Spleen/ pancreas and liver constitute its main “transformers”.

Of the three treasures, Qi represents the most immediate instrument of our destiny and human freedom. It is created everyday from what and how we eat, breathe and think. It is the gift given to us to manage our bodies and lives. Understanding its functions is therefore a precious tool

This presentation will focus on the three Qi centers of Lung, Spleen and Liver divided into theoretical and practical sections:

  • Understanding the meaning of Qi and its roles pertaining to Lung, Liver and Spleen
  • Tools to assess your own Qi as well as that of other people
  • The emotional and spiritual aspects of Qi
  • Common symptoms alerting to Qi imbalance such as digestive disorders, lung problems and allergies, compromised immunity, prolapse of organs or energy, heaviness of body and spirit, weight issues, diabetes or hypoglycemia, depression, anger or chronic worry.
  • Lifestyle, nutritional and emotional care to reinforce and protect our Qi
  • Simple herbal remedies to include in everyday life.

The elegant and practical aspect of Oriental medicine does not negate modern research, on the contrary. As you will discover “Tree energy” to describe the Liver, “Metal” for the Lung or “Earth” for the Spleen are not simply beautiful poetic images. You will discover how ancient wisdom resonates with modern science to offer an updated holistic understanding that guides us toward our potential of vibrant health and longevity. When we understand, we can act. That is the goal of this presentation.

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