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Kidneys | Diagnose & Heal

Heal your Kidneys
$9.95 each


Jing Video Series Parts I, II & III

Jing is the first of the three treasures, sometimes translated as “kidney essence” but much wider than that. Some other Western terms could include “vital energy,” “DNA,” “constitution,”. “body fluids and lubrication” or “libido.”


The Orient considers that taking care of our Jing is a foremost requirement for longevity and youthful aging, since aging is basically a process of drying up, as attested by wrinkles or stiff joints.


In Parts I, II & III of the Jing series are divided into several sections:

  • Understanding the meaning of Jing and Kidney essence 
  • Tools, such as facial diagnosis, to assess our own Jing or that of other people.
  • The emotional and spiritual aspects of Jing
  • Common symptoms alerting to Jing and Kidney imbalance that include lower back pain,, fatigue and “adrenal exhaustion,” low libido or infertility, loss of hearing or “aging” symptoms declining brain functions. Alzheimer’s is an ultimate exhaustion of Jing.
  • Lifestyle, nutritional and emotional care to reinforce and protect our Jing treasure.
  • Simple herbal remedies to include in everyday life.


The elegant and practical aspect of Oriental medicine does not negate modern research, on the contrary. You will discover how ancient wisdom resonates with modern science to offer an updated holistic understanding that guides us toward our potential of vibrant health and longevity. When we understand, we can act. That is the goal of this presentation.

Part 1 Video

Please enjoy Part I of the Jing series.

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