"Incredible. Liliane is one in a million. I would travel the world to have a treatment with her." Tara Craig


"Liliane is amazing. So much knowledge and mind-blowing clear approach for proper understanding of our health." Jaime Couttolenc


"Liliane has offered me an abundance of guidance, hope and much light. Many thanks." Jewels Marshall


"My experience with the Patagonia Acupuncture Clinic has benefited my health and my quality of life in many ways. I have better balance, increased energy and more clarity of thinking. When I leave the clinic, I feel 20 years younger. My arms, legs and whole body feel rejuvenated. I can fly like a bird. I will continue receiving acupuncture for the rest of my life." Fay Main, Patagonia


"Amazing! Thank you for instantly relieving my migraine!" Eliza Moses


"My session was very helpful and gentle. Dr Papin is both very compassionate and knowledgeable." Deeva Malavelli


"Acupuncture was instantly deeply relaxing. I was able to fell into a deep meditation state quicker than ever before." Stephanie Debs


"Thank you for your help in healing. Could not have done it without you. Thanks for all your support." Pat Vasko

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