Online doctor consultation


Online Doctor Consultations

Online Consultations

For online consultations I ask you to fill out a thorough health history questionnaire....

Coaching with Didier and Liliane


Are you struggling transitioning to a plant-based diet? Are you struggling with blood sugar....

Complete Health Assessment

Complete Health Assessment

What can I expect during a health assessment? In your consultation you will get a…

Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong

What is medical Qi Gong? The name “medical” or “health” Qi Gong is used mostly… 

Herbal consultations

Herbal Consultations

Did you know you could come by our clinic to pick up some herbal remedies…

Essential Oil Therapy

Essential Oil Therapy

Essential oils offer an exquisite, beautiful and powerful way to enhance the results…

Holistic Lecture Series

healing-your-body-dvd Chinese medicine lists 3 fundamental treasures essential to human health: Jing, Qi, Shen. “Treasure” means something precious and unique to be cherished and protected, like our national parks designated “national treasures” to protect them from mindless exploitation. Treasure entails the necessity of conscious care and awareness of irreplaceable value.


In the Tree Treasures video series Dr. Liliane Papin, talks about how to diagnose and treat the lung, liver, spleen/stomach, kidney and heart using both ancient Chinese Medicine wisdom and modern science. For each organ she discusses (1) Common symptoms, (2)Tools to Diagnose, (3)Lifestyle, nutiritional and emotional care and (4)Simple herbal remedies.