Breakfast Smoothie Delight

smoothie 460x295A common question when people switch to a healthier diet is “what about breakfast?” Here are a couple options to help you get away from toasts, eggs, butter and jam!

The following is a healthy breakfast recipe from my husband, Chef Didier Cuzange who regularly prepares breakfast at the Tree as well as our breakfast at home. Didier never runs out of ideas and I especially enjoy his summer concoctions when all the fruit are out!

If you mix greens and fruit, you get a delicious morning smoothie that balances the bitterness of those sometimes bitter greens with the sweetness of the fruit while balancing the sugar content of fruit with the alkalizing effect of greens. The best of both worlds! Combinations are endless. If you tend toward diabetes or hypoglycemia you can omit the fruit and use a sweetener such as stevia. The chia provides protein and energy as well as deep hydration but you can substitute or add any protein powder or your choice either homemade such as ground flax seeds or commercial (as long as there is no sugar). Didier’s favorite is “buckwheaties”…buckwheat groats that he dehydrates and mixes with small pieces of apples.


The second is a recipe for nut milk, also a great addition to your breakfast. the ones we buy are, unfortunately, often loaded with sugar or added ingredients. People are just not aware generally of how easy they are to make and how much cheaper!

Have fun and experiment!

We are working on a healthy breakfast e-book…stay tuned for delicious recipes of dairy-free yogurt and all kinds of yummy recipes!

Breakfast Smoothie Delight

I generally make it for 2 so that is the recipe I am giving you.  Use fruits in season. Anything is good, but, in the summer, I tend to favor mangoes when they are sweet…


  • 1 mango (or seasonal fruit) or 1/2 cup of berry
  • 6 branches of celery or a couple cups of fresh spinach, lettuce etc... ( If using kale only one small handful is sufficient as kale is strong and bitter in flavor)
  • 2 to 4 medjool dates 2 thin slices of ginger (adjust to your taste. Ginger can be overwhelming so start on the conservative side and increase as you wish)
  • 1 TBSP cinnamon (vanilla, almond extract or any flavor of your choice are also options)
  • 1/4 cup chia seeds
  • 1/2 cup coconut flakes (optional)
  • 4- 5 cups of water

Blend well and enjoy in a parfait glass to make it pretty. Decorate with a piece of fruit to make it even more appetizing! Sit in the morning sun and enjoy!


Options: Add granola on top….(a recipe for homemade granola will come. In the meantime, read the labels and choose one without sugar so as not to destroy to health benefits of your smoothie and become lethargic and hungry around 11:00 AM!)