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It's time for another Qigong Challenge! Starting March 6th, Dr. Liliane Papin will be teaching you how to enhance your immune system, detox your liver and make yourself younger and stronger. 

Open to All

No previous experience is required, only an open-mind. Come on out and learn this 5,000 year old tradition for health improvement.

For those who have attended a Qigong challenge in the past, many of the moves will be familiar to you. Dr. Liliane, will review and deepen work on the lungs, liver, spleen and kidneys.  

Days: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from March 6 - 22nd
Hours: 7am - 8am
Location: Town Park, Patagonia, AZ


Gong energy healing jana white raven siri bir patagonia az

East West Holistic Medicine is hosting Soul 2 Soul for a Gong Energy Healing Session. Come experience the healing vibrations in a small, more intimate setting. Allow your body, mind and Soul to release stress and worry and bathe in the waves of Sacred Sound as Siri B takes you on a journey through the tones of the Gong.

Bring your mat or blanket and any other supports you need for comfort. This space is small and the event books quickly; please confirm via the event page or contact Soul 2 Soul or East West Holistic Medicine. Although this session is by suggested donation of $10.00; we encourage you to pay what you can to support the work of East West Holistic Medicine and Soul 2 Soul. 

Day: Dec. 1st
Time: 7pm - 8:30pm
Contact: 520-415-4156


Come Join Dr. Liliane Papin for this 4-day study group. Walk away with the tools you need to heal yourself with Chinese Medicine


  • Sunday February 7th
  • Sunday February 14th
  • Sunday February 21st
  • Sunday February 28th


  • 4 - 6pm


  • East West Holistic Medicine Center in Patagonia (277 McKeown Avenue)


This study group is designed to be open in style. Dr. Papin will be there to answer questions and depending on the interest of the class, will either provide structured lectures on specific topics or answer your questions. 

  • Bring your medical or health questions
  • Bring your case-studies
  • Bring your questions about qigong
  • Come prepared to learn from a Chinese Medicine perspectice


This is a donation-based course.