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Liver Cleansing Guide

Eco-Medicine: Taking Care of Our Inner Tree

Spring and Liver Cleansing


Liver Cleanse

Have you ever wondered why, all over the world, spring is considered a “cleaning” season and people choose that particular time to do an inner cleansing as well?

Do you know that, in Chinese medicine, spring is associated with Liver functions ? Liver and Gallbladder energy are ascribed “Tree” and “Wood” energy.

Why, you might ask.

The ancient Taoists might not have known the word “ecology” but their whole philosophy and medical principles were based on it, not just as a poetic image but as a deep understanding of how our body and nature interact and how each one is contained within the other one.

How can that knowledge help us?

It is my deep conviction that this ancient model of medicine is more than ever necessary and adapted to our times. Cutting our forests like we are doing is, literally, cutting the brand on which we are sitting. Our livers are suffering as much as our trees and forests are.

If we reconnect to that deep image of the Tree and its significance, we can glean from it not only a deep understanding of our Liver and Gallbladder functions but also a deeper connection to our Tree friends and how their needs and ours are exactly the same. We can also glean many insights as to how to cleanse our liver and take advantage of spring energy to enhance our digestion, our sleep, our sexuality, our creativity and connection with others because our Liver is linked to all these functions. According to our present state of knowledge, our Liver performs over 600 different functions! The image of the Tree can serve as a guide to physical care as well as emotional and spiritual care. Trees thrive on light and seek it to grow. As human beings we are no different. We thrive on light and seek it all throughout our lives in spite of difficulties and setbacks. We are, like trees and vegetation, beings of light, fed and nourished by it. You will not be surprised to learn, therefore, that vitamin D, the “light hormone” is stored and synthesized in our Liver!

Would you like to understand and connect to your inner Tree in a deeper way? Would you like to find practical advice for physical, emotional and spiritual health through understanding your Liver/Tree functions.

Please watch the free introductory video on my website. If you like it and want to deepen your knowledge, you can then decide to purchase the complete video.

Download my free guide below for a couple of excerpts from my book Les Trésors de la Médecine Chinoise pour le Monde d’Aujourd’hui published by Trédaniel in France and presently being translated into English.

You will find a couple of examples of self-diagnosis using the image of the Tree and Liver (diagnosing Liver heath through observation of our eyes and nails), advice on a gallbladder cleanse and various ways of performing a liver cleanse/fast in the spring. HAPPY SPRING!

Download Free Guide

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Liliane Papin

Dr. Liliane Papin is a licensed Chinese Medicine Doctor who focuses on a holistic approach to health care, blending the ancient art of Oriental medicine with modern science.  Her new ebook, Where is the Calcium? and Spring Cooking | Liver Cleansing are now on sale.

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