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Make Qi Gong for Kidney part of your 2016 New Year resolution toward health


Make health part of your resolution because it is the center of your life. As we all discover at some point, without it, everything else falls apart…dreams, projects, travels…In French the traditional New Year greeting is “Bonne année, Bonne santé” (Good year, good health). There is much wisdom in that greeting.

The team of East West Holistic Medicine is here to wish you “Bonne année, bonne santé” and support you in achieving “vibrant health”. The ancient Chinese define as health way beyond the mere absence of symptoms…herbal remedies, food therapy, massage, energy work, acupuncture, online consultations, Qi Gong and Yoga…all of it at your disposal!

Make Qi Gong for Kidney part of your 2016 New Year resolution toward health!

human kidneysJoin us on Monday January 11, the day we are beginning our 3 week challenge and practice of Qi Gong for Kidney. Many of you asked for it, you got it!

The event starts at 7:00 in the park, every morning from Monday through Friday, just like before. Well…if it is really cold, we will compromise this time and practice in the Community Center.

This is a Free event!…the third of its kind in Patagonia.

Good time to test your new year’s resolution!. No doubt you can expect the mind to have its usual chatter… do I really want to get up so early? …it is too cold…too early…I am tired…it is too much…I need my sleep…my time…you know all the things that the mind creatively comes up with whenever we decide to do something positive that requires effort.…

Our group of Qi Gong veterans is familiar with the feeling…but once we are in the park, enjoying the morning fresh air, getting to practice with and among friends, what pleasure… the guarantee of a huge smile at the end and boundless energy for the day.

Why are we doing QI Gong for Kidney in the winter?

As I mentioned in our last newsletter, winter is the season traditionally associated with Kidney energy. A deep dormant, quiet water energy that gets replenished by rest, sleep, meditation and gentle movements (Go back to our last newsletter if you want to understand the physical aspect of Kidney energy according to Chinese medicine and have missed our last newsletter)

Lower back pain? Knee pain? Body Talk...Kidney Talk

Some of the classical signs of Kidney imbalance according to Chinese Medicine are lower back, knee, ankle or feet pain. Kidneys represent the foundation of our energy and are especially associated with our grounding and contact with the earth. Lower body symptoms (including anything related to sexuality and reproductive organs) therefore are often associated with Kidney energy coupled with its associated Bladder organ.

Traditional Chinese Saying

The location of our ailments is more emotional in nature.

What does it mean? Simply that two people with a similar lifestyle and similar diet causing acidity and body pain for example might end up with similar types of arthritis, but for one, the location will be the lower back, for the other one neck or elbow.

That part, according to TCM, is more emotional in nature.

The emotion traditionally associated with Kidney is fear, and especially fears connected to survival in the world.

Of course, lifestyle plays a huge part. Somebody digging holes all day long with a jackhammer will certainly be at high risk of developing lower back issues However, don’t people have to accept such “back -breaking” jobs as part of survival needs?

So what are the emotions and energetic aspects of kidney and lower back pain, sciatica or knee, feet and ankle pain?

  1. “Stress” or “adrenal burnout” is a big factor. In such cases, the “battery” of the kidneys cannot hold the charge anymore. If you look at the picture of the kidneys, you realize that they support the spine and look like an open bean or seed from which the “sprout” of the spine is emerging. Our whole nervous system transmission is supported by the Kidneys. Burnout is a good word. The battery cannot produce juice anymore.
  2. Financial worries and burdens often affect the lower back. We all need to feel like we can “support” ourselves. Spine and kidneys are the basic cradle of that self-support. Financial needs also create fear.It is not unusual for unemployed people or people having difficulty providing for their family for example to develop lower back or knee issue. Sometimes, it should be noted, our fears might have little to do with reality. There might be a chronic fear of lack, implanted early in childhood or through our ancestry. We can certainly see plenty of people who never seem to ever have enough money however rich they might be. The body does not distinguish between real or imagined fear. A spiritual fear of lack can also create lower back pain. The body simply manifests the sense of lack of support. Fear is an emotion that paralyses and will often manifest into various aspects of physical paralysis that prevent movement, especially any movement associated with “moving forward” and any kind of new project or adventure.
  3. Lack of support — real or perceived — whether from the family system, professional environment or from the community, what Carolyn Myss calls our “tribe,” will often manifest in lower back issues. I have seen patients whose lower back issues literally disappeared overnight after they changed jobs or family situations.
  4. Rigidity in one’s thinking and tendency to think that things can only be a certain way and not another. A difficulty to “bend” rules, thoughts or damaging behaviors can translate into a rigid back that cannot bend anymore either.
  5. Feelings of victimization: if one cannot “stand up” for oneself, whether from inner dictates or outer circumstances, the lower back and the kidneys often manifest that inability to stand up. “Having no spine” is a good image of the weakness developing in the lower back. It can involve standing up to a situation, to someone or to family or cultural creeds.
  6. Inner conflicts and “feeling stuck”: deep conflicts and turmoil about one’s goal in life will also tend to manifest in lower back pain. Again, one cannot move forward and feels, at some deep level, paralyzed and unable to move forward. The situation might be real, such as in a political environment of repression that prevents people from developing their creativity or self- created through inner dictates or belief systems.

As you can see, our language uses lots of sentences and metaphors that refer to the body. We all intuitively know that connection. “Stand up for yourself” we say to a friend. “I feel stuck” or “I can’t stand it anymore”…are all metaphors that translate the body-mind connection. The above are just a few examples. You can probably find more. Send them through our blog and we will share them with our East West Holistic Medicine community.

Remember that acupuncture can help on both the physical and emotional levels. The acupuncture needles work on the structure through the meridian system but also on the deep nervous system, providing a deep state of relaxation that enables us to see more clearly where we are “stuck” and helping us take “steps forward” in our health. At East West Holistic Medicine we witness those deep physical and emotional transformations as people heal body and mind.

May you stand tall and feel supported to move forward in 2016
Liliane Papin

Dr. Liliane Papin is a licensed Chinese Medicine Doctor who focuses on a holistic approach to health care, blending the ancient art of Oriental medicine with modern science.  Her new ebook, Where is the Calcium? and Spring Cooking | Liver Cleansing are now on sale.

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