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Complete Health Assessment

Complete Health Assessment

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Medical Qigong

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Herbal Consultations

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Essential Oil Therapy

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Holistic Lecture Series

healing-your-body-dvd Chinese medicine lists 3 fundamental treasures essential to human health: Jing, Qi, Shen. “Treasure” means something precious and unique to be cherished and protected, like our national parks designated “national treasures” to protect them from mindless exploitation. Treasure entails the necessity of conscious care and awareness of irreplaceable value.


In the Tree Treasures video series Dr. Liliane Papin, talks about how to diagnose and treat the lung, liver, spleen/stomach, kidney and heart using both ancient Chinese Medicine wisdom and modern science. For each organ she discusses (1) Common symptoms, (2)Tools to Diagnose, (3)Lifestyle, nutiritional and emotional care and (4)Simple herbal remedies.

Three Treasures series

Shen, radiance of our spirit and flame of our soul

Shen is the most subtle of the three treasures. Often translated as spirit, Shen can also mean soul, mind, character, personality, emotion, charisma, talents or radiance. Shen resides in our Heart and its nature is Fire. Heart health and Shen are therefore closely connected. Interestingly enough Oriental medicine assigns to the Heart many of the functions that we assign to the brain. Concentration for example is a function of our Shen. The separation between mind and heart is of our making!


Shen expresses the refinement of a rough diamond into a precious jewel. It shines like a fire in our eyes and, like a fire, its warmth radiates way beyond its point of origin. Taking care of our Shen means an active mind and a warm loving heart.

The presentation is divided into several sections:

  • Understanding the meaning of Shen and its relationship to Heart health
  • Tools, such as tongue to assess the health of our Heart-Shen
  • Shen as our emotional body
  • Common symptoms alerting to Shen and Heart imbalance such as palpitations, chest pain, insomnia, difficulty with concentration, ADD, failing memory or emotional imbalance
  • Lifestyle, nutritional and emotional care to reinforce the radiance of our Shen.
  • Simple herbal remedies to include in everyday life.

The elegant and practical aspect of Oriental medicine does not negate modern research, on the contrary. The image of Fire for the Heart acts as a powerful guide and is not simply a poetic image. You will discover how ancient wisdom resonates with modern science to offer an updated holistic understanding to lead toward aliveness and vibrancy of spirit. When we understand, we can act. That is the goal of this presentation.


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